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Spreading awareness about cancer disease and initiating steps for early cancer detection.

We screen cancer films in schools, colleges and other establishments to spread awareness of cancer causing habits like smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking.

We also organize periodical cancer detection camps.

Printing literature on cancer and publishing CARF such as cancer leaflets, guide-books, posters, news bulletin which is distributed in 39 countries.

Providing free counseling to cancer patients and their family members at CARF and cancer hotline for further information on cancer.

CARF’s 6 point tobacco control programme is as follows:


Informing and Educating the public and health Professional about risks of tobacco use.

Supporting nationwide and global partnership to reduce tobacco related deaths and diseases.

Providing access to cessation programs for people who wish to quit, including a counseling service.

Increasing funding to support comprehensive tobacco control programs and tobacco-related research.

Reducing second hand smoke exposure.

Reducing tobacco advertisements and promotions directed at young people.

Conducting cancer research activities and studies with J.J. Group of hospitals, Mumbai and Royal Marsden Hospital, London. 

CARF has 2 Ambulances which provide free service to all patients in and around Mumbai and Thane.

Providing financial help to poor and needy cancer patients. 
Cancer treatment is extremely expensive for middle class families and even for the relatively well off. Through whatever limited funds collected we try to disburse financial aid to as many patients possible.

Providing medical help to cancer patients such as Leukemia patients, undergoing surgery need to arrange for blood, which is often required in India. CARF maintains a databank for  willing donors along with their blood group. Poor and needy cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy are also supplied medicines for free of cost.

Providing rent free accommodation to the patients. The Majority of patients coming to Mumbai for surgery or post surgical treatment need a place to stay while undergoing treatment, CARF provides them free accommodation. 

Providing return railway fare to poor and needy outstation cancer patients who visit CARF.


We are already walking towards this gigantic goal but the pace of new developments depends solely on your donations.

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