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A parents heart wrenching appeal for their 11 months old infant - Master Jay

Look At The Innocent Face Of This Infant Baby Boy!

He is the younger son of Mr. Mulayam and Mrs. Nirma. Despite of experiencing a great challenging parenthood with a 2.5 year old elder daughter, who is already undergoing her medical treatment for Cerebral palsy both these parents were glad with the arrival of their son. Their joy had no bounds when their son Jay was born on 17.10.2020. But unfortunately the baby was born sick, infected by Jaundice, unexplained fever, and sudden weight loss. After multiple medical investigations by the doctors, it was revealed to them that the baby is suffering from Luecocyte Adhesion Deficiency (LAD) Type I and for the survival of child an urgent Bone marrow transplant is required. Despite of shortage of funds and prevailing situation of Covid-19 lockdown, by gods grace the parents could undergo the BMT treatment for the little one. But unfortunately, later the child started developing certain complications like decreased hemoglobin and platelet counts with increased WBC count. Therefore the doctor suggested them for BMT test, in which it was reported that the first BMT graft has failed and an urgent second transplant is needed, costing around approx Rs. 25,00,000/- followed by other medical support. But sadly the second transplant can not be performed since the parents are still struggling to gather funds for it.

Basically the family hail from Gorakhpur (UP), but at present, due to Jays treatment and financial constraints, they are staying in Mumbai. Mr. Mulayam, who was a fruit seller, has been working very hard for their children with many hopes and dreams. And the family lived with his low and varying income, which was not even enough to cover their monthly expenses. On top of that, ever since the pandemic and also due to their childrens health issues, the family lost their only income source. They have taken multiple loans, sold off their own house and every valuable thing they had, to meet both their childrens medical expenses and other daily needs. Now they are left completely helpless with nothing to gather for their sons emergency treatment. The doctors have informed that if the treatment is not started soon, then they can not guarantee the childs survival.

Mrs. Nirma, the childs mother in heart paining words, I am just a housewife looking after my kids and making sure that nothing happens to them. It pains me a lot every day seeing the misery of both my children and watching their condition deteriorate. The childs father Mr. Mulayam also fears that because of their financial constraints they might lose their children. Due to unavailability of funds, the poor parents are struggling to save their precious son.

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Master Jay

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