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My Cancer-Ridden 5-Year-Old Son Only Toy Is an Oxygen Mask Now

My son Vighnesh loves playing football and is unbeatable at it. But now, he is struggling to fight a difficult opponent. He is surrering from Neoroblastoma and he is not so sure of beating it.

We had been saving for months for Vighnesh first vacation. We were so excited to finally be able to affroad a trip outside our village. A few days before when we were about to leave in August, Vighnesh fever shot up to 105 degrees. We are asked to do various tests and find out the real cause of his illness. After the tests were done it was revealed as Neuroblastoma. Doctor’s suggested immediate chemotherapy and Bone marrow Transplant for his speedy recovery.

"When I heard the word cancer, I was terrified. How can any 5-year-old have cancer? That can not be possible. Now, when I see my son playing with an oxygen mask instead of toys, I feel helpless. He hates wearing it and keeps throwing it off but he runs out of breath during chemo. He keeps crying, trying to run away but how do I tell him that he needs to bear all this pain to live?" 

The only treatment that can now save Vighnesh life is chemotherapy and Bone Marrow Transplant. We have somehow managed to get two sessions done but we have run out of money. We know that we are running out of time too, so now we can only pray for a miracle. Every passing day, we not only have to struggle financially but also mentally, seeing our son condition worsening. His frequent nose bleeds and a rash on the body scares us very much. He is now on a liquid diet, losing his appetite tremendously. We need urgently 8 lakhs for his chemotherapy and another 3.5 lakhs for his BMT.

I am a small time carpenter earning around Rs.3, 000 every month and from the time my son is unwell I am unable to focus on my job I have already taken lakhs of loans for his treatment and now with no source of income, I am clueless how will I repay all the debts and find funds for my son treatment. Every day Vighnesh medical expenses are increasing. My wife has mortgaged her jewellery thinking once they have money she will get them back but ultimately she had no option but to sell them off.

As we were running out of options to save my son life, we were suggested to Cancer Aid & Research Foundation (CARF). CARF has supported us in our time of despair. Together, I and CARF would like to request to all kind hearted donors and well wishers to come forward and help us to save our son.

- Mr. Rajendra Madane, Father of Vignesh

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