Charity Sale

 CARF is a non profitable Medical NGO working for the poor & needy cancer patients, who come to us from all over the country for help. Providing the best help in the field of medical requires funds. Charity sale is one of our resources to raise funds. We arrange charity sale at various places and we keep Jute Bags, Paper Bags (made by cancer patients), Key Chains, Wrist bands, CARF Umbrellas, Pens, Pocket Diaries, Greeting Cards etc for sale. All the proceeds received from these charity sales is fully utilized for the welfare of poor & needy cancer patients.


Code: 1005

Price : 50

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Coffee Mug

Code: 1004

Price : 150

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Pocket Diary-CARF

Code: 1003

Price : 20

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White t-sirt

Code: 1002

Price : 200

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