Individuals have several reactions to cancer. A person may experience fear, show strong reactions to the changes in their body, or feel anxiety at the thought of treatment. Some individuals become very angry, or find it tough to cope with a feeling of loss of control. People may experience lot of stress about having to deal with side effects of treatment, like fatigue, pain or sickness.

Patient’s family relationships may also get affected due to cancer. It can affect how they talk to their children or their intimacy with their partner. It may even result in role changes within the family, if the individual is no more able to fulfill the role they used to, temporarily as well.

Talking through any of these problems and feelings with a person outside your friends and family can be helpful. It is really helpful to talk to a person outside your daily life since your friends and family may be too close to the problems to see them objectively and with clarity. Counselling proves helpful in such instances. The act of assisting the patient to see the situation with more clarity, possibly from a different perspective is called Counselling. This allows the patient to focus on feelings, experiences and behaviour, with the aim of facilitating positive changes. Counselling is a relationship based on trust.

We have highly professional counsellors. They are meticulous and deal with the cancer afflicted victims very proficiently and assist the patient on conscious, emotional levels and even tries to clear misunderstanding if any.

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