Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has acquired new dimensions in the recent years. Today, companies are proactively taking up this good hearted investment and giving a social value to all their business endeavours.

In India, though corporate have a strong will to dedicate their resources for a social cause, they find it difficult to reach the right people considering the demography and diverse social problems of the country.

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation is one such catalyst that works towards the needs of poor cancer patients while helping corporates in investing in social initiatives. With the modes of partnerships like Payroll Giving and Sponsor a Cause, CARF helps corporate in strengthening their CSR programmes by letting them play a vital role in a life of numerous cancer patients who are eagerly waiting for the help.

We strongly appeal to corporate to come forward and join hands with CARF in saving thousands of lives from this dreaded disease and become our partner in this “Fight Against Cancer”.

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Payroll Giving Programme

Payroll Giving is probably the way you can make a difference in the lives of the needy. All you have to do is enlist the support of all your colleagues and get them to contribute a small sum towards CARF initiatives. This amount goes directly to poor & needy cancer patients. With Payroll Giving, you can make a big difference by giving just a little.

This is a simple and easy way to execute idea whereby employees set aside a small sum from their salaries each month. This amount is deducted every payday and sent to CARF by payroll office as a consolidated amount monthly. Companies can choose to match employees’ contribution thus increasing “giving” amongst employees.

Employees receive a payment summary letter or email from Payroll at the end of the financial year along with a tax exemption certificate under section 80G from CARF. And this forms an easy yet effective way to support the community needs and is immensely popular among corporate bodies.

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