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Late Prof. A. A. Kazi

Studied in New English School, Achra and joined Siddharth College of Arts & Science, Mumbai. He was the degree holder in M.A. & LLB from Bombay University. Initially he was a lecturer of Political Science at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and later, he became a Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Bombay, Mumbai, India. In 1969, Prof. A.A. Kazi had been granted an award of ‘Justice of Peace’ by the Government of Maharashtra. ‘A prominent social worker of the City’ is how the newspapers described him while praising him in the article. Prof. Kazi was a Member in different Organisations such as: Education Committee, Bombay Municipal Corporation, Indian Haj Delegations, Govt. of India, Works Committee Suburbs, Bombay Municipal Corporation, Joint Secretary, Indo Arab Society, Mumbai, Justice of Peace and Special Executive Magistrate, etc. He was the Municipal Councilor during the period 1978-84 of Bombay Municipal Corporation. He started Cancer Aid & Research Foundation in 2001 and had a great burden towards the poor people suffering from cancer. Being an outstanding figure and with all the experience he gained in various fields, he was able to establish CARF through his intelligence and hard work. Today CARF stands as one of the biggest medical NGO in India.

Late Prof. A. A. Kazi, Founder

Mrs. Rashida A. Kazi  has done her  M.A.  in  Persian  & Urdu.  She has  also graduated  in  B. Ed.  She is Principal of Anjuman – i – Islam  Dr. Ishaq Jamkhanawalla Girls’  High School & Jr.  College of Science and Commerce, Bandra (West),  Mumbai – 400 050.  Mrs. Kazi has Published a book by name “Parvaz’ which is a  collection of Urdu Essays.

”State Award for Best Teacher” was awarded to her by the Govt. of Maharashtra in 1993.

She has written  articles in Urdu magazines,  periodicals and dailies such as Daur –e Hayat, Mumbai;  Payam-e-Mashriq, Delhi;  Aajkal, Delhi;  Suba-e-Ummid, Mumbai ; Naqsh-e-Kokan, Mumbai;  Qaumi Raj, Mumbai; Imkan, Mumbai ; Gul Bootey, Mumbai; Inquilab Daily Mumbai ; Urdu Times Daily Mumbai  etc .  She has given a number of talks on All India Radio, Mumbai and taken  part in T.V. discussions on several occasions.  Also she has been delivering lectures at various places in and outside Maharashtra State on religious, educational and literary topics.  Mrs.  Kazi has contributed as script writer for many years. And still continues to be Vice – President of  Bazm e-Niswan, Maharashtra.

Late Mrs. Rashida A. Kazi, Co - Founder


Late Prin.(Mrs.) Rashida A. Kazi.
Co - Founder

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