Fundraising | Charity for Cancer Patient

We use our strategies, skills and techniques to upgrade and improve our fundraising by putting in efforts and energy. This is achieved by our various programs, contacting donors, etc. Throughout the years, CARF has found great success with this campaign. Some of our tactics are:

  •  To give appeal in News paper is a must because it is impossible to reach to corporate/ individuals personally in order to collect a huge amount of donation. The patients come to us with lots of hope and they belong to very poor family. With the help of newspaper advt. we directly knock at their doors whereby these donors donate generously for this noble cause, which again help us to reach our object and goals.
Print Appeal
  •  These appeals are also printed for sending by post. For giving better help to needy & poor cancer patients, every month we send patient’s appeal to each and every donor. There are more than 50,000 donors in the data base of CARF. All donors are also updated periodically about the health progress of the patients.
  •  Through social media, face book and by sending emails to our donors we collect funds. We send the patient’s appeal for the required amount along with the patients photograph and a short description of the disease (type of cancer).
Charity Sale
  •  Charity sale is one of our resources to raise funds. We arrange charity sale at various places and we keep Jute Bags, Paper Bags (made by Cancer Patients), Key Chains, Wrist bands, CARF Umbrellas, Pens, Pocket Diaries, Greeting Cards, etc. for sale. All the proceeds received from these charity sales is fully utilized for the welfare of poor & needy Cancer Patients.
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