Memorial Gift

India is a land with variety of rituals and traditions and our Indian culture is one of the most preserved and diverse cultures in the world. Indian's way of hospitality, greeting, ethics, belongingness, unity, adapting behaviour makes India unique in sustaining its culture over than rest of the world. Pitrupaksha or 'Mahalaya Paksha' or 'Sola Shraddha' is among one of them, which is a 15 day rituals followed by Hindus to remember their ancestors. This year, the Pitru Paksha will commence on 10th September’2022 and it will end on 25th September’2022.


Pitrupaksha is believed as divine and sacred rituals in Hinduism. During this holy period of Pitru Paksha is considered as a solemn period to perform generous activities to commemorate the memories of the ancestors and people who perform this divine rite during this period is believed to receive their abundant blessings. Along with these traditional rituals, Memorial giving is one of the great sacred acts during this period that anyone can perform to honour their ancestors and get blessed by them.



Memorial Gift

Memorial gift is a thoughtful way to remember your loved ones by making a gift in their memory. By making such gifts from the heart is a great honor to make their memorial tribute meaningful and worth while.

Memorial gift is an effective way to support Cancer Aid & Research Foundation as this can create the treatment options through which we can help together many needy people to overcome from their life-threatening diseases.

Will giving is an intensely personal and private matter and your prime consideration will be to secure your family’s future. And once you ensure that they are well-provided for and if you will to make a special bequest for charity purpose, then we would like you to consider making a bequest to Cancer Aid & Research Foundation.

Memorial Donations

Honor a friend or family member by donating to charity in their memory. It's a meaningful way to pay tribute and show how they live on in your heart.

How Do Memorial Donations Work?

Through our secured website link, you can make your charitable donations using the given payment modes therein. Please send us the name of the person in whose name you want to make the gift, the occasion (if any), and the name and address of any person who should receive a notification of your gift. Also, remember to include your own name, address, email or contact details so that we can give you the proper acknowledgment of your gift through email. All contributions are eligible for 50% tax deduction.

Types of Legacies

We recommend you professional legal advice on drawing up or making amendments in your will. Majorly there are three types of legacies, that can be left in a will and they are general, demonstrative & specific. Other than that, the standard legacies are residuary, pecuniary, conditional and reversionary legacies. Details as described below:-

General legacy: A specific amount of money or percentage of your estate.

Demonstrative legacy: A gift of a particular quantity or amount that is payable out of a particular fund.

Specific legacy: A specific legacy (or specific bequest) is a specific gift is a particular item, possession, building or shares.

Other types of legacies: -

Residuary legacy: A specific portion or percentage of your estate left over, after all other requests are fulfilled such as payments, debts, taxes and other specified legacies are deducted over it.

Pecuniary legacy: The gift of a fixed sum of money.

Reversionary legacy: A gift in the form of money, asset or proportion of your estate that is legally passed to Cancer Aid & Research Foundation only after subject to the prior right of a named person or persons to receive the benefit of those assets or income produced by them during his or her lifetime.

Many people give to charities during their life time, will giving is an honorable way to make a lasting impact on your memory which will live in many needy hearts on through a gift presented by you to the foundation. In the will-making process, it entirely depends on your choice whether you want to disclose any details about the will or not. We understand some donors have their own confidential reasons for not disclosing the trust about their bequest. Please find enclosed herewith our Pledge form, incase, if there is no objection in sending us the same, which gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude towards your support. The legacy gift can be small or great, which will be always highly valued and we appreciate the thoughtfulness of the giver.

The core activities of the Cancer Aid & Research Foundation are as follows:

  • Raising funds and servicing for cancer treatment including Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Hospitalization and other medical facilities.
  • Cancer awareness and education through CARF News bulletins, patient information leaflets, e-newsletters, social media posts, live doctor talk sessions and Mission Sahay health checkup camps.
  • Cancer screening and detection programmes.
  • Recreational activities for cancer patients.
  • Anti tobacco and anti cancer advocacy.
  • Cancer hotline
  • Cancer research
  • Free ambulance service to cancer patients all over Mumbai.
  • Counseling for cancer patients and their families.
  • Providing free anti-cancer drugs, prosthesis and instruments to needy patients.
  • Providing career guidance and rehabilitation to cancer patients and their relatives.

Sponsor a day and help us to help cancer patients and their families:-

We rely on donations and sponsorship to help as many cancer patients, which is why we're appealing for your help with our 'Sponsor a Day' campaign. With that donation, you will be playing a positive contribution to our patient's health and wellbeing as well as allowing us to provide dedicated and tailored support to those in need.

Sponsoring CARF for one day will make a massive difference to people's lives and because of this we'll do all we can to tell as many people as possible about your generosity.

What a difference a day makes!.

By sponsoring a day at CARF, you are providing more than a donation. You are providing the opportunity for deeper engagement, counseling, and help with other emergency needs to get back on track to stability. You are providing hope.

Sponsoring a Day is as Easy as 1, 2 3!

Celebrate the special events in your life with Day Sponsorship at CARF.A Day Sponsorship is a unique way to show your support for CARF.

This day can be any time in the year that's special to you. YOU PICK A DAY! Any day of the year that is special to you, or a loved one, for any reason.  (Birthdays, Pet Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, In Loving Memory of, In Honour of, No particular reason at all.

DONATE that day to CARF!  (By supporting our work in this way, you'll ensure more patients and families at CARF benefit from this support).

Let us know which day (s) you have picked by informing our team.

The rest is up to us! We help make your chosen day extra special!!

To celebrate your special day, we will:

  • Display your name or a loved one's name on a large, eye-catching calendar on our website and social media. We ANNOUNCE your special day on our Facebook and Instagram pages so others can celebrate your day with you! (First names only for privacy purposes unless you wish to share your full name)
  • Send you a personalised message on your special day to update you on how you've helped CARF save more lives. OUR team SEND A CARD to you, or your loved one, on that special day, saying: Happy Birthday!/Thank you!/Congratulations!/Surprise!/Thinking of You/ Get Well/ etc.
  • Over the past two decades, Cancer Aid & Research Foundation has been providing financial support to countless needy cancer patients and other diseased people. For more details kindly visit our website:

What you gain with Sponsor A Day at CARF?

You can Sponsor A Day in your name or the name of your organization, business.  You can also Sponsor A Day in memory or in honor of a loved one.

As a Sponsor you will:

  • Directly impact every person who walks through our doors on your day at CARF.
  • Receive a special recognition on the day and at CARF with permission.
  • Be recognized on your day via social media and our website, with permission.
  • Have the option to schedule a personal tour and/or volunteer activity with us on your day.

Are you ready to Sponsor A Day at CARF?

  • 365 Days to Sponsor.
  • So many people to benefit from your generosity.
  • What dates will you choose.
  • Over the past two decades, Cancer Aid & Research Foundation has been providing financial support to countless needy cancer patients and other diseased people. For more details kindly visit our website:
  • Member UICC - (International Union Against Cancer) Geneva, Switzerland.
  • An ISO 9001-2015 certified non - profit charitable medical NGO.
  • All donations to Cancer Aid & Research Foundation are exempted from payment of Income tax u/s 80G of  the Income Tax Act 1961. Unique Registration No. AAATC3013BF20215 
  • CSR Registration No. CSR00007764
  • For credit card donations, use our website.
  • Foundation’s income is also exempted u/s 10[23C] of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide notification No. 55/2007 dated 22-02-2007.
  • We appeal to you to send your donation, by Cheque / D.D. / in the name of “Cancer Aid & Research Foundation” on CARF’s  address.
  • Your donation is entitled for exemption under 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Other donors can donate through their bank directly in to the below mentioned bank accounts : 
 Sl.No  Name of the Bank  Account Number IFSC 
 1 ICICI Bank  0546010016245 ICIC0000546 
 2  Bank of Baroda  03880100009711 BARB0VIKHRO 
 3  State Bank of India  10041949740  SBIN0001406


In case of any queries, or you require any other detail, Please contact :-

Mrs. Savita Nathani, CEO 

Email : [email protected]

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