Our Team Member

Do what's right and demand honesty, maintenance of confidentiality and adherence to professional standards of excellence and safety. Address issues and requests immediately, reasonably and comprehensively.

Accounts & Finance Department:

Human Resource & Admin Department:

Co-operate and mutually support one another. Sound strategy and creative implementation and require diverse talents working in unison. Success for our clients depends on everyone's cooperation and mutual support. Share information, expertise and experience. At any given moment we may be students, mentors, teachers or consultants.

Strive to understand our patient's requirement and to meet or exceed their expectations with high quality deliverables and service. Stay flexible and always look for proactive, responsible solutions to ensure patient satisfaction.

Patient Service Department:

Publicity & Publication Department:

Consistently question the status quo and seek opportunities for continuous improvement. Strive for a stimulating work environment open to learning, curiosity and innovation.

IT Department plans, operates and supports IT infrastructure, which enables the users to carry out their respective roles efficiently, productively and securely. It helps to meet with technical requirements, provide a secure IT infrastructure and minimize costs.

Information Technology Department:

Charity Sale & Rehabilitation Department:

Training is imparted to cancer patients & their relatives in making novelty items like paper bags, candles, diyas, various craft items, etc. as per their skills, in order to enable them to earn their livelihood and live a decent life in society. This initiative is taken to target the restoration of healthy living of cancer patients/survivors.

The CARF's Dispatch Department facilitates the day to day  activities by sending all articles such as Patient's Appeals, Bulletins, Invitation cards, Birthday letters, Season Greetings, Annual Reports, Souveniers, Calendars, etc. to all our donors. This is done through remotely franking system.

Despatch Department:

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