Success Stories

“We felt at the most devastated uneasy stage of our life, when our daughter was diagnosed of “Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.” In our worst terrific times, when we faced lots of financial constraints for her treatment, it was CARF who gave us the courage to face those toughest days, by helping us financially during her treatment. Now our child is studying in Standard 1st and doing well with her studies. We thank CARF whole-heartedly for all their support and care.”

- Mr. Chandrashekar Terade, Father

Baby Tapasya

Rishit Khara

It is an unforgettable day that gave us the most terrific shock of our life, when our son Rishit was diagnosed with “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” and the prescribed treatment was quite costly for us to afford, as we hail from the poor socio-economic background. But then we approached CARF, who supported us financially during his whole treatment plan. Now our child is studying in Standard -3rd, doing well with the online studies. We are indebted and thankful to CARF for all their generosity and kindness.

- Mr. Rabin Khara, Father

It was in the year 2010; I was diagnosed with “Oral cancer” an unforgettable moment that shattered my world ahead. I never thought I will be able to survive, as the prescribed treatment was quite costly and I had no financial support. Then I met with CARF, who supported me financially for my surgery treatment plans. Now I visit hospital for follow ups only once a year. Currently I am working for a smallscale business of selling daily hygiene products. I am thankful to CARF and its management for their financial and moral support.

Mr. Maqsood Alam

Mohit Gupta

It was the most horrifying news for us, the moment when we were informed that our son Mohit is suffering from “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.” We felt broken and shattered and a bundle of negative thoughts depressed us, as we lacked both financial and moral support. But then CARF stood for us, thus molding back our lost confidence. They helped us financially during his whole treatment plan. Now we are glad that our child is able to continue his studies and passed his SSC exams with good score of 75% marks. We are thankful and grateful to CARF for giving our child a new healthy life.

Mr. Suraj Gupta, Father

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