Success Stories

 Baby Anushree Shetty a 2 yrs old innocent girl, suddenly developed Acute Myeloid Leukemia (a type of Blood Cancer). On learning this, the parents got scared, anxious and panicky about what was going to happen next, as she being their only child.  The expensive medical treatment was a very huge burden on them. Baby Anushree’s father being a clerk in a private company, could not shoulder the expense.  CARF helped her family in the entire medical treatment and also guided them whenever required. Further, she was admitted in S. L. Raheja Hospital for her complete medical treatment. Now, she is in complete remission, studying in Junior KG and attends regular school.

Baby Anushree Shetty

Master Saud Thange

 Master Saud Thange, a III Std boy, started complaining of terrible stomach pain. When first diagnosed the sickness could not be traced so, he was advised Sonography.  The reports revealed he had Neuroblastoma (a kind of Cancer that occurs in Children). His family was totally shattered as their financial background was very weak. They approached CARF for support. Master Saud was treated with 7 cycles of Chemotherapy pre and post surgery. Today, CARF is very happy to have helped and saved this precious child’s life. Thanks to all the wonderful donors with whose help Master Saud is now hale & hearty once again.

 Master Debadittya an 8 yrs old kid started complaining of leg pain and high fever. With local medication his condition became more complicated. So, his parents consulted another doctor who advised him to be shifted to Chennai for further investigation. There he was diagnosed with Sarcoma Bone Cancer. Master Debadittya underwent Chemotherapy & showed signs of recovery, but due to his parent’s poor financial conditions and huge medical burden, he was shifted to Tata Hospital for further treatment. His parents appealed to CARF for help. CARF provided financial help for his treatment. Now Mast. Debadittya has recovered completely and regularly attends school.

Master Debadittya

Master Arjit Sihna

 Master Arjit Sihna at the age of 10 was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2006, that’s when he went through the worst nightmare. He started with swelling in the neck. In Tata Memorial Hospital, under Dr. A. K. Giri’s guidance a biopsy was done, which revealed him suffering from Cancerous Lymph (Ewing’s Sarcoma – wherein cancer cells are found in the bone or soft tissue largely affecting teenagers). Arjit was advised Chemotherapy, Radiation & Operation which continued for two whole years. Due to his family’s poor financial condition and such expensive medical treatment, CARF helped Arjit in his entire medical expenditure. Today at the age of 16 and with a dream of becoming a teacher one day, Arjit is totally cancer free studying science in class 12th and is also a very bright student. 

Mast. Suraj Patil

 On 3rd July  2013,  Mr. Suraj Patil, a 19 yrs old SSC student started getting high fever, blood test report  revealed low WBC and Platelet count. With further investigation of biopsy & platelet transfusion he was diagnoses for Promyelocytic Leukemia(a type of blood cancer). On 21st July, Mr. Suraj was admitted at Nair Hospital & advised 13 sessions of Chemotherapy for total recovery from Cancer. His father being a Carpenter with 5 family members, could not afford the huge financial burden of medical treatment. His family approached CARF and received max. help.  Today, Mr. Suraj is totally cured. He successfully completed HSSC and scored 60%.  

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