Success Stories

 Mrs. Zarina Usman Koradia - 55 years, had a lump in her breast. She went to her family doctor for a preliminary check-up who advised her to have a more thorough check-up with an Oncologist. She got the biopsy done at Prince Ali Khan Hospital and was diagnosed with breast cancer. This led her to state of depression but the brave lady decided to fight the disease. The treatment cost was estimated very high, which led her to further depression. Through various sources and through word of mouth, Zarina came to know about CARF.  When she came to CARF, she was given moral support through counselling as well as took care of her financial burden. She underwent surgery, followed by few Chemotherapy sessions and subsequent booster doses. The ordeal took a huge toll on her physical and mental health but by God's grace, the lady survived and is now recuperating towards a healthy life. In her own words "God & CARF saved my life. I am hugely indebted to them". CARF wishes her a healthy life for future.

Mrs. Zarina Usman Koradia

Deepak Shankar

 In 2012, 54 yrs old Deepak Shankar Das started getting ulcers on the gums of his mouth & got very painful as days passed. His face also suddenly swelled up. He was already a diabetic patient. On advice from his doctor, Deepak visited an ENT who suggested a Biopsy test. He was detected with Oral Cancer & cancer antigen as he already had a habit of chewing tobacco. Deepak had to undergo an emergency surgery after which he underwent cycles of Chemotherapy and Radiation. His treatment concluded in 2013 with repetition of the whole medical investigations, the results this time came negative. He was totally remitted from the diseases. Due to financial hurdles Deepak & family went through desperate times & CARF has been a strong pillar rendering their support throughout his ailment. Today, the patient is very happy & thankful to CARF for all the unconditional help he received. CARF wish him a healthy life ahead. 

 Mrs. Sunita Shete, age 47 suddenly developed severe pain & a palpable tumor in one of her breast. She underwent mammography & biopsy on doctor’s advice. Reports showed her suffering from Breast Cancer. Sunita had to undergo an emergency operation in Oct 2013 which really scared her & the family and subsequently 8 cycles of Chemotherapy and Radiation to get totally cured. Sunita runs her own beauty parlour. She contacted CARF for financial help. Now, Sunita has totally recovered & is very thankful and grateful to CARF for the financial & moral support received throughout her treatment. 

Mrs. Sunita Shete

Baby Payal Varkhade,

 Payal Varkhade, 9 year old innocent girl suddenly started developing fever off & on & started getting Epistaxis (Bleeding from nose & mouth) for which she got treated with anti pyretic medicines temporarily. The recurring of pyrexia, made the doctor think differently & she had to undergo test. Payal was confirmed suffering from Blood Cancer in Sept 2013. She underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy and finished off treatments in June 2015. Now, she is totally remitted from the disease. During those trying times Payal’s family went through lot of turmoil, emotional & financial.  But CARF stood like pillar for them, be it a financial, moral support, they always got good guidance from CARF. They are thankful to CARF. Today Payal is going for Yoga and Kathak dance, to increase her stamina & stay fit. She is studying in 7th Std.  We wish her well and a long life.

 Mr. Sameer Chandra pal, a vegetable vendor/packman was diagnosed with Ca Rectum in 2014 after several complaints of diarrhea and constipation. He was admitted to Tata Hospital and initially started with radiations, where he took 25 sittings of radiations for 1 and half months and underwent surgery in June 2014 where stents are put inside the rectum. He underwent 6 chemotherapy cycles… all these series of back to back treatments continued till 2015. Now he does not have any complaints except occasional episodes of diarrhea and constipation. He is leading a normal life and back to his business... as vegetable packman...    He says: “a call from CARF makes me happy… the unconditional financial support they gave when I was going through trying times.  CARF also provided accommodation when I was new in Mumbai…  I am grateful to CARF.”

CARF wishes Sameer a healthy, happy life ahead. 

Mr. Sameer Chandra pal

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