Success Stories

Mr. Ishrafil Shaikh

 “ My Father Mr. Ishrafil Shaikh was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in November 2016.  My entire family was shattered to hear this bad news. It was difficult to bear such a big amount of cost for treatment. He was advised 6 chemotherapy cycles which he completed, but one lump in his neck did not shrink and after some time it started enlarging. It was then that a biopsy had to be done again and further chemotherapy cycles were advised. I approached CARF for help in March 2017 and they provided me with Chemotherapy medicines and injections free of cost. The injections were very costly and I could hardly afford even 1 injection. Thanks to CARF that they provided us medical aid.  I appreciate the service given by the staff and am very grateful to them for the help given.”

- Mohd Shahnawaz, Son of Mr. Ishrafil.

“My Daughter, Baby Kavya, was just  5 months old when she was diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which is type of Blood Cancer. Prior to this she had symptoms of cold, cough and fever. Family physician had advised blood tests which showed her white blood cell count very high. She was taken to a hospital in Mumbai where as her treatment protocol,  6 chemotherapy cycles were to be completed. I had approached CARF for help and they had provided me financial aid throughout the treatment.  Now she undergoes follow ups and is recovering well under her maintenance phase.I am happy that my child has remitted from this disease and am very thankful to CARF for helping us out during difficult times.”
-  Father of Kavya, Mr. Ravindra.

Baby Kavya

Mrs. Parveen Patel

I would never forget the day I was told that my wife was suffering from Tuberculosis (TB). My wife had a bad habit of brushing her teeth with tooth powder. A few days later she started experiencing stomach ache and was admitted in the hospital for 15 days and the doctors prescribed her with medicines. After few months she was admitted to anew a hospital for similar kind of pain for 1-1/2 months. The doctors were unable to find the exact cause for her pain. A test was done and result showed that she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, but yet she was suffering from severe stomach pain. A new test was done and it clearly mentioned she has Colon Cancer and had undergone a surgery in the same month. She has completed 7 chemotherapy cycles till now and done well on her medications. We are thankful to the entire CARF team for their help and support.

- Mr. Mushtaq Patel, Husband

Being diagnosed with cancer leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of the unknown. I'm 45 years old women, one fine day while working at work suddenly felt immense pain in the chest. No oil or tablet seems to work at that time. After consulting with my family doctor, he suggested getting a mammography test done, and the result clearly mentioned I was suffering from Breast Cancer. An immediate surgery was done and the tumor was removed. Even though I had undergone surgery earlier; I felt similar kind of pain in the chest again. After consulting with the concerned doctors, they found I had another tumor growing. The doctors recommended starting my treatment in Mumbai. I had undergone my 2nd surgery in Mumbai, and have completed 8 chemotherapy cycles and 3 radiations. I am feeling much better and but still on medications. I need to do a routine check-up every 4 months. I am thankful to CARF for their unconditional support throughout my journey.

Mrs. Surekha P. Chavan

Mrs. Surekha P. Chavan

Mrs. Sheetal Kadam

This is story of Mrs. Sheetal Kadam who works as a cook, cooking is what she really loves. Her disease i.e. differentiated adenocarcinoma was diagnosed in the year 2013, her symptoms started with severe bleeding from vagina, followed by pain and tumour in the uterus, Doctor removed her uterus, but cancer has developed secondary metastasis in the colon, she used to get an episodes of diarrhoea and constipation alternately. There was pain in the stomach, she took 32 sittings of radiations and then doctor operated and did ileostomy, and put stoma bag. Now every alternate day she needs to change the stoma bag. That's a bit inconvenience, but she is happy as she gets to relive again. She is grateful to CARF for their continuous support.

- Mr. Parshuram Kadam, Husband


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