With your support, countless people receive good health care, a bright future and a happy life. And the best part as you are making one platform for sharing from different region medical, financial, and emotional work by making Conference. Good work CARF , Carry on. 

-Dr. Bhagyashri V Sonavane

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation has a very vibrant and approachable team. They are always keen to help the patients in whatever way they can. They are involved in providing educational materials to the patients, organising educational lectures for the common man. Whenever there is a needy patient, they are amongst the first to provide financial assistance and support to the patients. I have worked with them closely for 2 years, and as a doctor I feel privileged to do so. I hope they continue their good work for years to come.

-Dr. Khuzema S. Fatehi

I am thrilled & privileged to have Cancer Aid & Research Foundation as partners in our fight against blood cancer in Marathwada. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that no needy patient goes without receiving the best cancer care.

-Dr. Venkatesh S. Ekbote

CARF was established 21 years ago by Late Prof. A.A. Kazi. The foundation is performing well to give help and all kinds of support to cancer patients. My best wishes to their future programs.

-Shri Nawab Malik

CARF is a reliable organisation that helps poor cancer patients. I have been a regular donor for the past several years. Do help CARF to help our poor cancer patients.

-Dr. Javeed Akhtar Ankolvi

CARF  work for the Cancer Patients is truly amazing. The service towards the needy patients shows that each and every patient approaching. CARF do help is very much important for them. Keep up the good work.

-Dr. Jafer shaikh

Cancer Aid and Research Foundation is doing a wonderful work by spreading knowledge about cancer and organizing good talks for the patients. They also are providing financial support to needy patients. Good work CARF.

-Dr. Sangeeta Mudaliar

Cancer Aid and Research Foundation is doing very noble work. Underprivileged children from Marathwada area of Maharashtra are able to complete cancer therapy because of your strong financial support. We are grateful towards CARF.

-Dr. Tushar Idhate

CARF is doing an amazing job. Their hard work and dedication for catering cancer patients has been tremendously helpful and encouraging. I hope they keep putting their efforts for this good cause and continue extending their support to all the cancer patients.

-Dr. Anam B. Syed

I am very impressed with all the work & help you are providing to the needy cancer patients and their relatives. Keep up the good work

-Dr. Krishna Vora

Good experience, staff very cooperative would definitely love to come and help more people.

-Mrs. Vinny Makhijani

Wonderful experience, would loved to help in any way possible.

-Dr. Prasad Kasbekar

Hearty thanks to Chairman, CEO madam and Khan madam. It is very good place and good service by CARF. You are really very useful for the needy person. I am really impressed by CARF. I am always ready to help CARF.

-Dr. Jay Gupta

CARF really being a proactive & wonder full place & platform for creating will in patients fighting with cancer disease, Thank you whole hearted by for providing an opportunity to share my thoughts for creating awareness to fight cancer. Beat Cancer Before it beats you.

-Dr. Tariq Palla

Today visited CARF office. An NGO working for cancer patients extensively. The trust is doing very noble work by financing the needy people and should go accordingly. We would like to be a part of the same.

-Dr. Kiran Kalyankar

Overwhelming feel... Really feel honoured too...god bless their effort spread happiness all over-God Bless.

-Mr. Aroon Bakshi

CARF has been extremely courteous in extending an invitation for cancer awareness lecture. I on the other hand would be very happy to help the patients in every possible way. Keep up the good work, it is a fantastic initiative.

-Dr. Marzi G. Mehta

CARF organization has always been at the fore front in terms of patient help and patient rehabilitation. They have always taken community awareness & patient awareness programme. I am glad to be invited and contributed to come way for the patient care. Congratulations to CARF team.

-Dr. Krunal H. Khobragade

इस नेक काम के लिए आपको दिली दुवाएँ।

-Mr. Ahsan Qureshi

This is very good to meet you all, you all are doing miracle work god bless you.

-Mr. K.K. Goswami

Great work. I hope many people gets benefit from you. Keep it up. Feel free to contact me for any help.

-Dr. Sampada Desai

You are working for a good cause continues the same. I will be willing to help in any way possible.

-Dr. Nikhles Borkar

Very well organised workshop. Empathetic and Sympathetic approach towards patients by caretakers of this organization. Active interactive session with all the staff of CARF & patients who attended the workshop. Thanks & Regards.

-Dr. Milind V. Joshi

I am very much happy to visit cancer NGO institute. You all people did very good and nice work god bless you all my good wishes to you all in future.

-Mr. Shekhar P. Tawde

कैंसर के लिए मैं बहुत अरसे से काम कर रहा हूँ, CARF का काम देख कर मुझे अच्छा लगा। मैं चाहता हूँ की CARF इस काम में बहुत आगे जायेऔर मुझे उम्मीद है, कैंसर के लिए जो काम करने की मेरी ख्वाहिश है वो मैं CARF के ज़रिये पूरी करूं।अल्लाह आपको इस काम कामयाब करे ।आमीन

- Mr. Ali Khan

It was a very good experience interacting with patients. Hospitality was good. Really a nice experience.

-Dr. Pritam Kataria

It was a pleasant experience at CARF.

-Dr. Suhas V. Aagre

It was a wonderful visit at CARF. Hope the organization grows multiple folds and I get to provide my services to it and be a part of it.

-Dr. Marita Monteiro Singh

I am really grateful to Mrs. Rashida Kazi & all CARF staff. It was a wonderful experience during the session at CARF office.

-Dr. Abhilasha Mishra

Your organisation is very graceful so keep it up.

-Tabassum Jamal Magdum

We are really happy to visit CARF. It's a great job. And it's a difficult task. It's a noble cause.

-Mr. Ramdas Padhya

It was a humbling experience to be presenting a Dr - Patient talk for cancer patients & survivors. I am thrilled to be working with CARF & looking forward to more such associations in the future. Thank you CARF for this opportunity & kudos to the work you have been doing all this while!

-Dr. Dipika P Velkar

I am Privileged and happy to came and meet madam Mrs. Kazi. I am very impressed by the work done by the people. Mr. Kazi has done very good work by developing ngo called as CARF. I am very thankfull for invite me to give lecture.

-Dr. Aijaz Ahmed Idrisi

My First Visit to CARF office. I am always in AWE with the extensive work they are doing in the field of cancer especially for the poor & needy. I am also very impressed by the CARF Staff & team with their Positive attitude & the pride they take in their work. Very humane keep up the spirits.

-Dr. Ritu Biyani

Thanks for inviting me for lecture. Nice to see so many Patients & relative come for lecture, nice experience with CARF, Very good Foundation working for needy & poor cancer patients. thanks !!

-Dr. Vitthal Kale

Appreciate the work done by CARF since last many years & congratulate all for the same and wish such more organisations should be there in society to help needy ones. God Bless All...

-Dr. (Ms.) Jaymala Shinde

Congratulations to the organization (CARF). Pray to help them to help others. Good wishes to CARF!!

-Kripashankar Singh

Struck by the cleanliness and neatness and organization of CARF, and people on my first visit!!

-Dolly Thakore

I am visiting a temple not an office.

-Anup Jalota

There cannot be better work in cancer awareness than what you are doing at CARF. It will be my priviledge to associate and offer services to society through CARF.

-Dr. Rishikesh Pandya

It was my privilege to visit CARF and meet Prof. A.A.Kazi Chairman of the Institute. The work which he and his efficient team is doing is really commendable. Wishing them all success in future for all their projects. 

-Mrs. Suman Tulsiani

Some people live and some people leave a Mark. It was my pleasure to be part of the foundation which has made such big impact.

-Irfaan Khan

After being able to support Prof. Dr. Rehan Kazi’s research, it gives me great pleasure to visit him in Mumbai and to see his efforts to fight cancer here in India. A very challenging task.  

-Prof. Dr. Frans Hilgers

A professionally run organisation doing commendable work among the most vulnerable sections of our society. May your commitment and competence rub off  on others and become a movement!

-Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas

I visited trust office today. Mr. Kazi showed me the systematic way in which trust operates. I was astonished by seeing the work culture of the trust. I think these are very few trust which are operated so efficiently. I wish all the success to the trust.  

-Jayant Patil

It was wonderful to be here amongst such dedicated and committed people. The fight against cancer has to be an ongoing process and with like minded and committed persons, I am sure we will make a difference in the lives of millions in our country. Thank you for inviting me here today.

-Priya Dutt

“Service to poor is service to GOD” CARF is an excellent example for this. God bless your selfless humanitarian work for poor cancer patients.

- Dr. Arvind Kulkarni

Thank you God thank you for all my Blessings Thanks to CARF That you made me realize how Blessed I am.

-Kiran Bawa

Great work Keep it up.

-Shilpa Shetty

Love the work you do, Mashaallaah!! Proud of you all, May Allaah shower his choicest of blessings on you all.

-Mrs. Wardha Sajid Nadiadwala

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