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The incredible journey of CARF has reached 21 long years and in this tremendous journey we have been giving 100% of your Zakat to those in need. Whether you’ve been on this journey with us for 21 years or 21 minutes, we appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks to the beautiful act of faith and charity that is your Zakat payment, you are helping thousands of people– saving lives, breaking the poverty cycle and transforming whole communities for decades to come.


Fulfill this beautiful pillar of Islam this Ramadan

and reap 100% of the rewards


The Muslim contribution to life is open, without limits: he gives of his effort, his mind, his knowledge, his status and his money. The Prophet (peace be on him) said, "Every Muslim must perform a charity." They asked, "Messenger of God, what if a person cannot find anything to give?" He answered, "He should work with his hands to benefit himself and give in charity." "And what if he could not find that?" they asked again. "He should assist an aggrieved person in need." "And what if he could not do that?" "Then he should do good and refrain from evil - that would be his charity." (Related by al-Bukhari)

Zakat regulates the wealth contribution in its minimum, making it a religious obligation from which the individual cannot free himself or take concessions, since it is the right of society to be devoted to the benefit of the needy and disabled individuals and classes.

In its proper sense, zakat is a practical manifestation of the brotherhood between the faithful and establishes mutual solidarity between them by the firm bond it creates between rich and poor, in a way that strengthens the individual's sense of relation to the community and the community's awareness of the value of the individual, and that it is strengthened by his strength and weakened by his weakness.

All this is happening due to Ramadan. Allah has blessed this month and everything we do or take part in is a blessing in this month.

Giving Zakat is an act of worship and many Muslims fulfil this obligation during the month of Ramadan.


Zakat Charity


Last year, Covid – 19 had created havoc in our society and everyone was struggling to survive through it. Even in this troublesome time we received tremendous support from everyone during Ramadan and we received good contribution as Zakat. We are proud to say that the total Zakat amount was used for the welfare of the deserving poor and needy cancer patients. Alhamdulillah, we have been helping cancer patients from the past many years and we have made tremendous impact in the field of cancer. You have motivated us to do more for the people in need by supporting us even in the Covid situation. This year also we have many patients who need your support and care for surviving through their illness. We would request your generous support again.

Mohd. Khizr

Who decides which child gets to survive and which one doesn’t? It is often said that whatever happens is for the greater good however what good is there in a parent losing their child. Many unfortunate people who lost their children often say that it is grief they have which can never completely be over. We could be such unfortunate parents if timely help is not given our little Khizr. During my pregnancy days itself I had some complications and the day my baby was born he was really delicate and we ensured to take care of him with utmost care. 8 months ago, Khizr fell severely sick. He had lost his appetite and become weak. So we rushed him to the hospital where the doctors ran a few tests. After the results came back, the doctors asked him to take a few more tests and scans to confirm their suspicion. The result revealed that little Khizir was suffering from SCID (Severe Combined Immuno Deficiency).He was immediately transferred to a bigger hospital and immediate BMT and other treatments were suggested. The treatment cost was more than Rs.21 Lakhs and we had no ways to manage such a huge amount. We need immediate support so that we can work fast and save our son’s life. We were stranded without hope when CARF has readily agreed to help us in this time of difficulty. Fate has been extremely cruel to us these past few months. You are our only hope. Together, we request everyone to donate generously and help us to save our son.

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Dr. Masood Ali Ansari

"If you live even one day longer, you can accumulate that much more benefit. How truly precious your life is!" We realize the importance of life when we actually fight for it. I am suffering from one of the rarest disease called as Myelodysplastic Syndrome and doctor has told bone marrow transplant as the only solution and it costs around Rs.18 lakhs. I am a doctor by profession and yet I am going through this difficult phase. My illness is so intense that I am easily affected by infections which have already delayed by treatments. My wife is also a doctor but she is unable to do any practise because of my scare of infections. We are so troubled that now even surviving day to day has also become very difficult. As you can imagine, the next few months of hospitalization and putting the focus on fighting this head-on comes not only with intense emotional and physical challenges but also a financial challenge. CARF is supporting me through my biggest challenge of my life. Kindly contribute, No matter how big or small – to help ease some of the financial burdens of this unexpected illness and allow me to focus fully on what matters most. Your contribution will help me survive this disease.

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Hasnain Sadik Shaikh

"It seems like he’s been suffering from the moment he was born! So much pain and tears, and he’s only 2! We tried our best to keep him healthy, to help him fight whatever ailments he developed, but now it is beyond our imagination. Though we see him in more pain than he’s ever been in, more danger, we’re entirely helpless! Our poor Hasnain is dying right in front of our eyes and we’re unable to do a thing about it." He had regular fever and was unable to walk. We had to take him to various doctors to understand about his illness. After detailed check-up he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. We had to go from hospital to hospital to ensure his illness is completely resolved and the treatment cost is Rs.10 lakhs which is beyond our reach. “He cries all the time now. I’ve forgotten what his smile looks like. He tells me he’s in pain, asks me to make it stop, but what can I do? During this struggle we approached CARF, who has readily agreed to help us save our son. Together we need the support of all generous.

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Ms. Shaikh Sana Zubair

The worst feeling for a mother is when she sees her daughter battling death and yet is unable to do anything about it. “Sana doesn’t complain. In fact, she told me that she doesn’t want to get treated - she is aware that her poor parents are in no condition to afford the treatment. But how can we give up on her?” A young girl is always a parent’s biggest asset and when their daughter is struggling to survive because of Kidney failure it becomes really difficult to hide all the pain. It was the worst time of our lives when our young daughter Sana was diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Failure and the treatment cost is Rs. 8 Lakhs. She dreamt of getting a job and helping her father - she is scared all that will remain a dream. We have tried all possible ways to get help for her treatment when we were told to approach CARF. They have agreed to support us in saving my daughter’s life. “My husband works in a private company – and his income has always been just about enough to support our family. All our savings are over and even the last piece of Jewellery had to be sold. Even then it wasn’t enough to save her. Now all I can do is pray to Allah for your kindness. We need everyone’s generous contribution to help my daughter survive through this illness.

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Total Help Given To Cancer Patients

From Financial Year 2001 to 2021


Year Financial & Medical Help No. of Patients
2001-2002 17,500.00 5
2002-2003 1,29,916.00 29
2003-2004 11,34,526.00 83
2004-2005 42,55,293.00 342
2005-2006 81,12,800.00 546
2006-2007 1,41,16,794.00 665
2007-2008 2,56,94,756.00 1077
2008-2009 1,57,91,123.00 800
2009-2010 1,46,30,699.00 698
2010-2011 1,50,20,156.00 738
2011-2012 1,33,41,961.50 709
2012-2013 1,44,02,002.00 816
2013-2014 1,20,53,104.00 847
2014-2015 1,09,42,560.00 826
2015-2016 1,00,23,615.00 1057
2016-2017 1,00,38,783.00 1072
2017-2018 95,80,730.00 1165
2018-2019 70,66,799.00 726
2019-2020 72,34,127.00 689
2020-2021 41,76,187.00 299
2021-2022*( Till 20th Oct., 2021 ) 44,46,979.00 328
Total 20, 22, 10, 410.50 13517
*Note subject to finalisation of Audit.

Remember, charity begins at home. We endeavour to always remain true to our vision of providing a robust, transparent and effective Zakat service for all. Away from snazzy sloganeering, our commitment to this will never waver as we seek to honour the gift of Zakat for many years to come insha’Allah. Please donate Zakat and support CARF in its mission.

Charity never decreases wealth.” – Sahih Muslim 2588

Documents for Zakat Fund:


1.Pan Card copy (if Zakat amount is more than Rs. 10,000/-)

2.Complete Correspondence Address with contact no & email id.

You can make your Zakat Contribution into the following Bank Account. Please don’t forget to drop us a mail to confirm your donation at [email protected]

Bank Account Details:


Account Name Account Number Bank Branch MICR Code IFSC Code
Cancer Aid & Research foundation 316202011001357 Union Bank of India Byculla-Mumbai 400026014 UBIN0531626
Cancer Aid & Research foundation 38207432129 State Bank Of India Vikhroli West  400002080 SBIN0001406





You can send the cheques in favour of “CANCER AID & RESEARCH FOUNDATION” at the following address :

Head Office : Unit No 103, Shivkripa Industrial Estate, Above Bank of Baroda, L.B.S Marg, Vikhroli (West) – 400083

Admin Office : Byculla Municipal School Bldg., Ground Floor, N.M.Joshi Marg, Near “S” Bridge, Byculla (W), Mumbai - 400 011

Note: Please Select Zakat in the Donation categories for online transactions.




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